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Ingenious & creative handwork to celebrate Women's Day

  It happens to a beautiful "she" season. In the morning of March 8, Wynca Tinyo Labor Union organized all female staffs to gather in the reading room on the fifth floor to carry out the DIY activity with the theme of "Women of the era, flying style". This year's celebration took on a new pattern - making a picture frame with "immortal flowers" to make holiday gifts for yourself. The activity was carried out in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The female staffs used their dexterous hands to meticulously match the colors and shapes of the immortal flowers to create a beautiful picture frame. With the same materials and different works, everyone competes to take self-portraits, leave beautiful moments and enjoy the fun of creation.

  In this activity, the female staffs fully displayed their wisdom and style, and gained a full sense of achievement and happiness. As a woman in the new era, she should be more self-confident, give full play to the craftsman spirit in her work, and contribute to the transformation and upgrading of the company and high-quality development.