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President Wu Yanming investigates Wynca Tinyo

  On March 13, Wu Yanming, the president of Wynca group, investigated Wynca Tinyo, accompanied by Yu Lingfeng, deputy general manager of the organosilicon material business division, Chen Guizhong, general manager of Wynca Tinyo, Li Fuxiang and Wen Guanyun,deputy general manager.

  Wu Yanming first inspected the progress of the three connections and one leveling progect of the new base of the Wynca Tinyo intelligent manufacturing, and visited the production workshop. After listening to the work report of the leadership team, Wu Yanming affirmed achievements of Wynca Tinyo in 2022, and put forward requirements for the next work: First, examine market changes from the perspective of service application, focus on optimization and expanding the business track, increase business volume in new energy, medical and other fields, and embark on a new path for the development of organic silicon terminals; second, continue to increase the proportion of middle to high-end products and improve profitability; third, increase per capita output value and improve and upgrade of production processes and technologies; The fourth is to focus on the annual goal of cost reduction and efficiency increase, continue to tap potential vertically, stabilize production, reduce costs, and increase efficiency; fifth, we must seize the good opportunity for new base construction and grasp the initiative development,accelerate preliminary related work. Wu Yanming said that the current "cold winter" of the organic silicon terminal application industry has just begun. As the benchmark of the organic silicon terminal industry, Wynca Tinyo must anchor the annual target in the face of a severe market environment, overcome difficulties through innovative concepts, change concepts, broaden thinking, break habits, and take proactive actions, and make greater contributions to the high-quality development of the group through the cold winter.

  Subsequently, Wu Yanming came to the Management Committee of Qingyuan National High-tech Development Zone, and had a discussion with Zhou Qixian, director of the management committee, and Chen Jianwen, deputy director of the management committee. Wu Yanming introduced the history and advantages of Wynca Group and the operation and development of Wynca Tinyo in recent years, and thanked the High-tech Zone Management Committee for providing services and assistance in the development of Wynca Tinyo. Zhou Qixian, Chen Jianwen and others warmly welcome Wu Yanming and his delegation, and thanked Wynca Tinyo for driving Qingyuan's economic development and continuing to choose to increase capital and expand production in Qingyuan High-tech Zone. Zhou Qixian said that Wynca Tinyo products are widely used, with great market demand and rapid development. It is a Class A high-quality enterprise that the Qingyuan Government focus on. The Management Committee of the High-tech Zone will do its utmost to provide assistance for the construction of the new base of Wynca Tinyo intelligent manufacturing Project, speed up the progress of three connections and one leveling of the land, assist in the pre-planning and design of the project, and make every effort to solve the difficulties in the project construction and work together to promote the construction of Wynca Tinyo in Qingyuan into the most advanced organic silicon intelligent manufacturing factory in China, and help Wynca Group  to develop a new level.