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Development path
  • 1993 year
    Tinyo (Wynca Tinyo grew out of Tinyo) began HCR business in Shenzhen 
    Became one of the earliest silicone rubber material producing companies with R & D capability in China

  • 2008 year
    Wynca began collaboration with Tinyo 
    Wynca Tinyo set up

  • 2010 year
    New facility operation in Qingyuan
    Capacity increased to 1,000 tons a month

  • 2011 year
    ISO9001:2008 certified

  • 2012 year
    LSR business began
  • 2015 year
    Wynca Tinyo was recognized as high technology enterprise

  • 2016 year
    Guangdong Silicone Material R&D Center was built in Wynca Tinyo
    HCR met ISO10993 and USP88 Class VI test requirement

  • 2017 year
    ISO9001:2015 certified
    ISO14001:2015 certified
    National intellectual property management system certified
    Lean management project (6S+TPM) started LSR met ISO10993 and USP88 Class VI test requirement

  • 2020 year
    IATF 16949 certified