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  • Xinan mission
    Green Chemistry Creates a Better Life
  • Xin'an vision
    Commitment to Becoming a Global Leader in the Field of Silicon Based and Crop Protection
  • Core Values
    Customer First, Contribution Oriented, Hard Struggle, Creating and Sharing
  • Xinan Spirit
    Persistent Pursuit and Sustainable Innovation
  • Xinan Style
    Strict, Fine, Solid and Fast
  • Organizational Climate
    Xinan Is the Home, Xinan Is the School, Xinan Is the Stage, Xinan Is Fertile Soil.
  • Operation Philosophy
    (一)Development Philosophy
    Global Vision,Focus on Profession
    (二)Organizational Philosophy
    Full Mandate and Efficient Collaboration
    (三)Employment Philosophy
    Morality First and Performance First
    (四)Environmental Protection Philosophy
    Circular Economy and Green Development
    (五)Security Philosophy
    All Accidents Can Be Prevented
    (六)Quality Philosophy
    Meeting Demands and Benchmarking Oriented