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Empowering the Construction of New Power Systems | Wynca participate in Shanghai International Power Exhibition brilliantly

  On November 15th, the 31st Shanghai International Electric Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition (EP SHANGHAI 2023) hosted by the China Electric Power Enterprise Federation and thepower grid opened grandly at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The scale of this exhibition reached a record high, exceeding 60,000 square meters, attracting 1500 well -known Chinese and foreign exhibitors and brands to exhibit, showing the latest developments and trends of the entire power industry chain.

   Wynca showed a series of silicon-based new material solutions applied in power transmission and distribution, energy storage and other fields,attracting many customers from the upstream and downstream of domestic and foreign power industry chain and segments to consult. Wynca sales team warmly received and introduced the power performance and terminal application of various products in detail.

  In the field of power,Wyncaproducts have rich applications in cold shrink cable accessories, prefabricated cable accessories, insulators, cables, power self-fusing tapes, and other aspects, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the power system. In the field of energy storage, in response to the challenges of diversified energy storage functions and complex applications,Wynca has a full range of thermal and adhesive materials and solutions, effectively improving the stability and reliability of products.

  Building a new type of power system with new energyis not only an important direction for China's power system transformation and upgrading, but also a key way to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals.Wyncawill adhere to technological innovation as the driving force, continuously increase research and development investment, continuously improve the performance of products in the power sector, better serve downstream power customers, empower the construction of new power systems, and promote the high-quality development of the energy and power industry.