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President Wu Yanming Investigates Wynca tinyo

    On January 25, President Wu Yanming went to Qingyuan, Guangdong for investigation.He held discussions and communication with the leaders of the Qingyuan High-tech Development Zone Management Committee and relevant functional departments, listened to Wynca tinyo's operating status report, participated in the company's annual summary and commendation meeting, and conducted on-site inspections of the high-performance intelligent silicone manufacturing base project. Yu Lingfeng, Chen Guizhong, Zhou You and others accompanied  the entire journey.

    At the project communication meeting, President Wu Yanming expressed his gratitude to government departments at all levels for focusing on the progress of the Wynca tinyo high-performance intelligent manufacturing base project. He pointed out that since settling in Qingyuan, Wynca tinyo has adhered to the mid-to-high-end development route for long time, and its performance has increased year by year. The achievements are inseparable from the strong support and meticulous care of government departments at all levels. As the group's silicone terminal "South China headquarters", the preliminary work of Wynca tinyo’s high-performance intelligent silicone manufacturing base is being carried out in an orderly manner as planned. He hopes that the government will speed up the implementation of "three connections and one leveling" and deliver the land for construction as soon as possible,provide more policy support. At the same time, President Wu Yanming warmly invited Zhou Qixian, director of the Qingyuan High-tech Zone Management Committee, to lead a team to the Wynca headquarters for inspection and research.

    Zhou Qixian affirmed the achievements of Wynca tinyo in overcoming numerous difficulties in operation over the past year. He stated that Wynca tinyo has been rooted in Qingyuan for over a decade, with rapid structural adjustment and high development momentum, and is a high-quality enterprise in Qingyuan High tech Zone. He will make every effort to ensure the normal progress of the project. In response to the policy support and other demands raised by the group, he will arrange a dedicated person to follow up and implement them as soon as possible in accordance with relevant agreements and preferential policies.

After listening to the business situation of Wynca tinyo in 2023, the key work plan for 2024, and the breakdown of the "Ten Million Project" goals, President Wu Yanming went to the project base for on-site inspection.

    At the annual summary and commendation meeting of Wynca tinyo, President Wu Yanming fully affirmed the achievements of the company in the past year, and expressed gratitude to all employees for working together to promote the implementation of connotative development in a fiercely competitive and exceptionally difficult year. For the work in 2024, he demands that: firstly, we must firmly adhere to the development path of terminal, high-end, and globalization, anchor annual goals, decompose the "ten million project" and promote its implementation, laying a solid foundation for the new development of Wynca tinyo Intelligent Manufacturing Base; Secondly, we must continue to drive technological innovation with the main axis of science and technology and talent, accelerate the optimization of high-value product structure, and continuously improve core capabilities;Thirdly, we need to strengthen organizational collaboration, stimulate organizational vitality, and build an efficient and responsive collaborative team; the fourth is to accelerate management innovation, embrace digital transformation, strengthen the ability to prevent business risks, consolidate the foundation of safety and environmental protection, and help enterprises achieve sustainable and healthy development; The fifth is to accelerate the progress of the project, promote the design and construction of the Wynca tinyo High Performance Intelligent silicone Manufacturing Base with high starting point, high standards, and high quality.